there will be entertaining and interesting videos on the subject of watch photography. And if you want to see how LEIF (Founder and Creative Director of TEN ELVEN NINE) acts in front of the camera you should definitely  subscribe to the channel.

The videos are in german with subtitels in different languages.

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05. PERFEKTE Produktfotos (Printanzeige PHOTONEWS) mit einem Licht



04. Dark & Moody - Produkt und Uhren Fotografie


03. Realität vs. Instagram



02. Ich habe PRODUKT FOTOS mit dem iPhone gemacht! (german, with english subtitels)



01. In 7 Schritten zum PERFEKTEN Uhrenfoto (german, with english subtitels)

TEN ELEVEN NINE TUTORIAL watch photography



00. TEN ELEVEN NINE - Kickstarter Video